In loving memory of when I gave a shit

Remember this time when you were ready to open your heart and let someone in? Picture your future together with this one person. Gave it your best shot..were true and honest. But the person doesn’t respond with the same enthusiasm. Instead you are being messed about and being fed on lies and empty promises. But you believe everything. Maybe because you believe in best in people. Or you are just silly. Or both? Like me. And in the end you are left with months to heal.

Isn’t it easier to be cold hearted? Oh it sure is. I feel motivated to do it. To live for myself, not let anyone hurt me. Not let anyone into my heart until I am certain that  person is the one. Expression comes to mind – “She used to be nice till she made a switch. All those assholes turned her into a bitch.” I think it will be me. Not necessarily a bad thing, huh?

I am not going someone to ruin my mood every day and bring me down. I will not give them control. Instead I will play a game…..


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